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Holding Hands
Holding Hands


The task of providing medication administration, health related activities, and medical oversight to persons residing in group homes is a tremendous responsibility.

It is the responsibility of the employer/ provider to manage the medical care of the individuals, provide oversight of the direct care staff that administer medication and perform health related activities, develop policies, ensure that rule is being followed, and ultimately provide for the health and safety of the person.

It was the desire of our founder, Jennifer Blevins, to work along side of the provider, work together, determine the need, and customize a plan of services and we continue that mission to provide direction, training, and assurance to those that care for people with intellectual disabilities.


Here at Nursing Navigators & Provider Professionals, we offer our participants a comprehensive learning environment filled with support and educational services. Since we got our start in 2000, Nursing Navigators & Provider Professionals has been instilling knowledge in students from all over. Our instructors will go the extra mile to give the tools needed to succeed.


Nursing Navigators & Provider Professionals strive for excellence by offering an engaging curriculum as well as numerous outreach opportunities. Contact us to find out more.

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